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On the chasselas trail

Claude-Alain Mayor, Alexandre Truffer, Christian Moreillon
Nombre de pages: 52
Langue: Anglais (also available in french and german)
Dimensions: 240x320 mm
Parution: Mars 2023
Reliure: brochée
ISBN: 978-2-88341-336-8
CHF 22.00
Lina is curious by nature; her grandfather Max is a confirmed wine-lover. Together, they embark on an initiatory road-movie, on the Chasselas trail, to get to know the grape variety that their Zurich compatriots tend to ignore, or even sneer at.
As they make their way through the emblematic wine regions of the Three Lakes, Lavaux, La Côte, Valais,Chablais, Geneva and Markgräflerland, their thirst for discovery is satisfied by amazing wines, offering anextraordinary palette of aromas and lovingly crafted by passionate and devoted winemakers.
A major highlight of their journey is the discovery of older vintages of the wine.

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CP 636
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